“It seems perverse that we can be more social than anyone would have thought possible when we are at our most anti-social, locked away from the world and silently staring at a computer screen, but that, as psychologists will tell you is the way we operate. When we are at the maximum of our disconnect we also are ready to connect and feel the need for interaction.”
David Amerland, The Social Media Mind: How social media how social media is changing business, politics and science and helps create a new world order.    


Hey! Welcome to my blog. I am just going to be answering weekly questions for one of my papers Social Media for Business. Please feel free to comment and contribute your ideas

These are the questions that I’ll be answering

  1. What is Social Media?
  2. What’s Blogging?
  3. Web 2.0and 3.0?
  4. Mobile Social media for Small business and profits
  5. Social Media and Government?
  6. Issues and challenges of Social Media?
  7. S.O.C.I.A.L approach.
  8. Online communities
  9. Strategies and policies
  10. Analytics
  11. Business value
  12. What’s the future?


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