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Question One: What is Social Media?

“The connectivity of the cloud and the prevalence of tablets and smartphones have eroded the traditional online/offline divide. Within a short time we will most probably stop thinking of it as ‘online.’ We will simply be connected, all the time, everywhere, and the online world will be notable only by its absence when that connection breaks”.”

David Amerland

 I was given the task to write a blog based on my assignment Questions. So here we go:

Question One: What is Social Media?

Social media began with the first social networking website, which was launched in 1997 called This site enabled people to  create personal profiles and make lists of friends. During those days people were not so much into sharing things online therefore the website shutdown in 2000.

Social media is the various electronic tools available to help accelerate and improve our availability to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Connect: It is about knowing your needs,finding the most effective ways to satisfy your needs and to find someone/partner who will help you meet your needs.

Communicate: “Communication is the vehicle for establishing information flow.”Revealing your needs, giving others feedback, listening to others’ needs , building trust  and also understanding each other so that you can help each other to be successful and this leads to collaboration.

 Collaborate: It is the result of connecting and communicating. “After finding the right partner, communicating your needs, establishing the mutual benefits and trust, the stage is set for collaboration”.

By Avraham, Y. B. (2011). Social Media. Retrieved from

Social Media has become a big part of the business world, it can be used for:

  • Employing people
  • Advertisement / promoting your business
  • Getting instant feedback
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Know more about your employees
  • Making your business global
  • Communicate with employees or employers oversees

Business owners are making all this happen for example through blogs,Wiki and Social networking sites:

  • Blogs

Most businesses are using blogs to reach their employees on a more personal level, they can be used for “sharing the views of the executive leaders, project leaders, key influencers, experts, or group representatives”. Blogs can also be used as a learning tool to train employees therefore blogs are a very important tool in the business world.

  • Wikis

Because of things like globalization, different lifestyles and new technology, businesses have gone global which means that employers and employees are scattered all over the world and because of all this Wikis have enabled collaboration within organizations, people now work together, contributing their ideas despite the different time zones and the distance.

  • Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become a big part of most organizations, creating groups, pages, advertising, in order to attract their targeted audiences and communicating with their employees. These things are done centered around projects, planning, talent management and also knowledge management. With sites like Facebook  and LinkedIn you’re able to see the employees or employers profiles which enable you to know them more on a personal level and its easier to reach one another even in global organizations.

Where is Social Media taking us? How different is it all going to be 10 years from now?



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