157.340 Organisational Knowledge Management

“Intellectual freedom begins when one says with Socrates that he knows that he knows nothing, and then goes on to add: Do you know what you don’t know and therefore what you should know? If your answer is affirmative and humble, then you are your own teacher, you are making your own assignment, and you will be your own best critic. You will not need externally imposed courses, nor marks, nor diplomas, nor a nod from your boss . . . in business or in politics. (from the essay The Last Don Rag)”
― Scott M. Buchanan

Welcome to 157.340 Organisational Knowledge Management. I am a 3rd year information systems student. This blog has my blogs from both my 2nd year social media for business posts and my 3rd year Organisational knowledge management posts. Feel free to like, share and comment.


  1. Evaluate the theoretical concepts underlying the creation, diffusion and use of knowledge assets and capabilities in organisations.
  2. Examine the role of data and analytic technologies in knowledge management systems.
  3. Assess how knowledge assets and capabilities relate to value creation and business models.
  4. Critically analyse how different views of knowledge including cultural, cognitive and philosophical influence the design of knowledge management systems, and organisational structure and processes.
  5. Implementing personal knowledge strategies for career  development.